The company V Consult offers on the market a complete set of services and consultations, related to the issuance of Certificate A1, applying the European legislation in the area of social and health insurance of individuals and Investment from foreigners in Bulgaria.

V Consult is a firm which avails of a team of experts with a long history of working experience.
The firm is specialized in offering its clients comprehensive services in the following areas:

  1. Issuing of Certificate A1 for Social and Health Insurance within the country – consultations and all activities related to the issuing of Certificate A1, in compliance with the applicable legislation for: employed, self-employed and other persons.
  2. Accounting and tax servicing of the business structures.
  3. Investment in Bulgaria – the whole process of registration, legal, accounting and finance services, protection and supporting your business.

What is Certificate A1?

  1. Certificate А1 gives the right to employed and self-employed persons to perform labour activities within the EU, by paying their social and health insurance as well as their taxes in Bulgaria.
  2. Gives an opportunity to work legally in EU countries, in which a Work Permit is still required.
  3. Gives the right to health servicing in the country in which the labour activities are performed.

The right to free movement is a right guaranteed to all employable persons by the Treaty establishing the European Community. With the integration of the Republic of Bulgaria into the European Union, the regulation for the coordination of the social security schemes have a direct force upon and priority before the national legislation in case of contradiction.

Applicable legislation complying with the European regulations for social security

Why to invest in Bulgaria?

In the last few years Bulgaria became one of the most favourable business destinations in Europe. International companies and foreign investors benefit from the lowest Tax System in the EU.

The main advantages of the country can be classified as follows:

  1. Low business risk
  2. Tax benefits
  3. Fast and easy procedures
  4. Banking facilities
  5. Double tax avoidance
  6. Low business costs
  7. Perfect location

More information about the benefits to Invest in Bulgaria